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Our Mission

Red Cloud Food Service is committed to delivering exceptional quality at a great value. We believe our customers are our first and only priority, and a quality product and service is our only strategy. We are a Native American Food & Beverage distribution and marketing company with our primary office located in Nashville, Tennessee. 

US Military:  In 2006, Red Cloud entered the military segment by establishing itself as a world class supplier of high quality products offered at a great value.  Our team is led by a 22 year veteran of the Army’s Food Service Program, so we have a complete understanding of the challenges that Military Food Program Managers face on a daily basis.

American Indian Community:  Our American Indian background provides us with an appreciation, and rich sense of history. We frequently partner with other organizations and companies within the American Indian community in order to better serve our customers and clients.

Internationally Certified: Red Cloud has worked hard to maintain existing, and establish new relationships with certifying agencies around the globe. We are dedicated to producing quality product, and we build our strategy around ensuring that we deliver that quality to our customers.

Government & Commercial Expertise: Extensive experience with government, military and paramilitary organizations.


Red Cloud is proud to be the recipient of numerous awards during it's history as a supplier to it's commercial customers in the United States Military.

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Bob Harrison is part of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and is the owner of Red Cloud Food Service, Inc.

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Red Cloud Food Service's status as a Native American Company allows for DOD Government Partners to participate in the Indian Incentive Program and it's associated rebate plan...

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